30 Days of Game

I’m starting up a new category here at the blog: 30 Days of Game.

The topic of this category is going to be to review a game I have played for 30 days.  The idea came to me quite some time ago, but to be honest the thought of buying a bunch of games, or even one a month, just to play and review them, no matter how much they sucked, was unappealing.  So, until game companies are willing to send me 30 day free trials, I am going to stick to games that are free to play.

I want to start this in September, after I return from Dragon*Con, with my review coming in on the last day of the month.  That said, I need some candidates, some recommendations.

Previously on this site I have reviewed Urban Dead and Mafia Matrix (a new review of that one is coming, since I am considering quitting), so those two are out, because I want to approach 30 Days of Game games as a new player.  For right now, I do want to stick to free to play MMOs, so, if you know of one you think I should give a shot, post it here in the comments or email me at jason (at) probablynot (dot) com.


  1. My favorite free to play MMO is still Puzzle Pirates. (I’ve been subscribed a few times, too.) I think it’s still somewhat surprisingly underrated in the MMO space. Y!PP’s vast and diverse economy, including skill-based favoring and a large number of ancillary crafts, is something that a lot of people don’t expect looking at the “casual game” screenshots. The community is generally quite friendly and in my experience runs just about the entire spectrum of age and gaming experience.

    Lately my youngest sister (just now a frosh in high school) has been addicted to the game and I keep talking stories with her and explaining some of the things that I know about how the economy and politics work and those conversations keep threatening to pull me back into the game…

  2. Should have mentioned that one… I’m a long time Puzzle Pirates player. I don’t play often, but I futz around now and then, but for a while there I was a poker shark. 🙂

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