A Week of Tweets on 2011-04-03

  • If I were in the Black Prophesy beta, could I tell you that I was? #
  • People. Trust me. Britney Spears is not doing a striptease at a private club in Las Vegas. Stop clicking the link on Facebook. It's spam. #
  • Reviewed Leaving for @Shakefire yesterday, http://bit.ly/h2Namu . Forgot to post because the movie was bad. #
  • You put the lime in the coconut. #
  • I'd never heard of @Unwritten_Law, but after reviewing Swan for @Shakefire I am now a fan. http://bit.ly/gpLVqa #
  • Sometimes life gives you lemons… sometimes it throws them. Hard. #
  • Well that's that then. Paperwork done. I ship off to Basic in three weeks. #
  • @peteroberth You'll be appearing on the first episode of Hoarders Hoarders. in reply to peteroberth #
  • Yesterday my monitor had a dead pixel. Today it's moving slowly and leaving dead pixels in its wake. Undead pixel? #
  • @scriptfrenzy I'll be writing while working my garage sale! #scriptfrenzy in reply to scriptfrenzy #
  • Workin' the garage sale, sellin' books, CDs and DVDs. #
  • Fortune: Let others know where you stand. Me: I'm in the kitchen. #
  • Mission accomplished! #

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