9 October 1998

Missed the update yesterday cause I went to have drinks with co-workers… again, I had something to rant about, but it’s gone again… this forgetting is becoming annoying.
I will say one thing, I’m annoyed at computer makers and Microsoft. I tried to play Might & Magic I yesterday, and my computer is too fast to run it. I can’t see the damage, or the attacks, or anything. And as far as I can see there is no way to force my Pentium 200 to run slower for just that game. It’s just agrivating that I can’t play a good game because my computer is to advanced for it, and then I go to buy a new game and it isn’t advanced enough to play it. I just can’t win.
Today’s Song: How Soon is Now, the version done by Love Spit Love. I love this song, and it’s been my song of the day before (back when I gathered up about 10 different versions of the song) but this version was originally on the soundtrack for “The Craft” and now it’s the opening song for “Charmed”, that new show on the WB with Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty (although my favorite is Holly Marie Combs). Anyway, the song rocks, check it out.
TV Highlight: Speaking of Charmed… I’m digging this show. It’s only had one episode, but it’s got possibility as long as they don’t wuss out and keep up the occult content to a good level like they do on Buffy. Plus the three stars are quite attractive, not a bad one in the bunch. If you like Buffy, check out Charmed and give it a chance.
Trivia Answer: Meg Ryan and hubby, Dennis Quaid starred together in Innerspace, D.O.A., and Flesh and Bone. The bonus 3-D movies: Meg was in Amityville 3-D, and Dennis was in Jaws 3-D.
Trivia Question: Keeping the chain alive – Dennis Quaid shared a role with Val Kilmer, who did they both play?

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