7 October 1998

I finished the first in the Myth Series of books by Robert Asprin. Great book. I am looking forward to the rest of the series… I think I have about 10 books to go or so.
I’ve been thinking I should do more reading… but then they put on all these good TV shows… I may have to give up working just to get all my leisure activities in. hehehe
At one point I was considering putting up a picture of myself on my web page… but thanks to sCary’s Shugashack and the “wack links” section pointing me to www.fugly.net, I have reconsidered. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life. :-p
There was something that I was going to say today… a rant about something cool… but I forgot… maybe tomorrow I’ll rant about forgetting cool stuff… or maybe I’ll forget.
Time to get back to work…
Today’s Song: The title song for the TV show “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer” performed by Nerf Herder. Probably the coolest TV theme to come down the pike in years.
TV Highlight: One word… Buffy. ’nuff said.
Trivia Answer: The Top Gun costar of Tim Robbins who would later team up with him again for a love story that involved Albert Einstein is Meg Ryan in the movie I.Q.
Trivia Question: Keeping with the trivia train I’ve got going, Meg Ryan has been in 3 movies with husband Dennis Quaid, what are they? And as a bonus, they didn’t star in these together but both of them have done a movie filmed in 3-D, what are they?

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