21 June 1998

Finally moved my .plan stuff off of my IRC /finger to my web page, which I finally decided to work on.
So far I think I’m going to include a page for the various games I play (1 page for all the games, not a page for each game) and just sort of cover what I’ve seen that I have liked, new stuff I’m looking forward to and other assorted stuff. Then there is the North 5 page… hopefully that will come to something worthwhile, checkout that section if you have a moment (and if I have something there). Of course there is the “Me” page, where I have my resume and other stuff about me… I’ll think about posting a picture. And then there are these… the .plan files, which I will try to update every day.
Anyhow… gotta start cruisin’ the Sunday Classifieds soon… still lookin’ for that job. BTW, if you know anyone in the Atlanta area who is looking for someone, check out my resume and pass me on to them and shoot me an email telling me who to talk to. Thanks…
Today’s Song: Zeroes by Spacehog… Just had it on today and kinda diggin’ the groove… Resident Alien is one of those CD’s that once it goes in the player it doesn’t come out for a couple of weeks.
Today’s Movie: Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan (Letterbox Edition). After seeing some trashy sci-fi, I decided to watch one of the good ones. Has anyone other than me noticed that the good Star Trek movies are the even numbered ones, and they all reference Moby Dick? In any event, the Letterbox version of any movie is preferable to the sliced-n-diced version. “From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

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