I could tell you about the Transformers screening I went to last night, and about how it was better than I thought and go into details about this new relaunch of the eternal struggle between Autobots and Decepticons. But frankly, the details are unimportant, it was better than I thought, and its a good fun summer action film. Stuff blows up, giant robots fight, and good wins out in the end with just enough nods to the old cartoon to make us old folks smiles without entirely rehashing the old cartoon.

Instead, as the title suggests, I’m going to mention Cloverfield. But what is it? If you go to the Internet Movie Database you won’t find an entry for it. If you go to Apple or Yahoo, you won’t find the trailer. In fact, right now the only way to see the trailer is to go see Transformers. But if the thought of that movie completely repulses you, then you can at least go here to get the low down.

There really are few trailers for movies that get me excited without knowing anything about a film. Normally, I know what’s coming, I know the story, or the characters, I know what the movie is generally about. When I saw the trailer for Cloverfield, I was stunned. I’d never heard of it (in fact, the movie isn’t even named in the trailer and Cloverfield may not be what it is really called) but despite that I was riveted. The last time a trailer got me like that was Cliffhanger.

But seriously, Transformers was good enough that when coupled with this trailer make it totally worth the price of admission.


  1. I’m betting that “Cloverfield” isn’t the real name of the project–rather a code name to help hide production from fanboys and the like. Similar to James Cameron’s “Ice Planet” movie that was actually “Titanic.”

  2. Cloverfield is not the working title of the film…lets just say it’s time for another reinvention.

  3. This “Cloverfield” preview reminded me of the Godzilla previews from a few years back that didn’t show the monster. The crowd response to the trailer was scattered with some “What the f*ck” and “It’s Godzilla” comments.

  4. Alright some people said it was a godzilla remake, no. after watching the trailer when they run out of the building a girl says what is it, and a guy responds, “Its a huge lion, i know sounds weird. I think it might be a way to trick us, and it s something else.

    but im excited, and the title is wierd , i bet its someting else

  5. Okay so I have been trying to get some clues myself on this movie…so far the only things I’ve so far found are J. J. Abrams is producing, The name Ethan Haas is VERY important. Cloverfield is the throw-off name, no title as of yet..actually they may not even be done shooting it yet..the movie comes out Jan. 18th 2008. The two websites are is a “blog” which is a fake blog with clues from I’m assuming some character for the movie…the other is a website which is puzzles and after you beat the puzzles it gives you trailer clips. The one website is and the other which is the blog is

    Also believed to throw everyone off is the idea that this is all very Lovecraft Or an alien invasion movie similiar to ol’ Independence day.

    “,The great cycle, the beginning and the end turns just as the plans of the gods turn once again to the world of men.

    And they will come upon the earth only after the skies rain down fire and the very earth itself is made to shake and the great cities of men fall into ruins. Their plans are set and their purpose is clear; they come for war.”

    So I tried to search and found this site Which someone has tried to figure out like me..okay that’s it..I went, saw transformers, loved it and now I’m obsessed with a movie with no title…


  6. A lot of people are saying it is about a movie
    called “the parasite” and it is filmed all by
    home video cameras of civilians who witness
    New York’s destruction.

  7. Ya, while i dont think it is a godzilla movie now, in the theater i saw all the Japan decorations and stuff in the guys loft, and was like, thats a total godzilla reference. Also i though of how that one egg survived in the other american godzilla movie. but that was just in the theater.

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