100 Push-ups

As another year draws to a close, I again find myself still not in as good a shape as I’d like to be.  I mean, I’m not morbidly obese or facing serious health issues… and if the zombie apocalypse comes, I am confident that I could fight off the hordes of the undead and be able to outrun them when needed.  However, while sheer will and adrenaline can get you through many ordeals, it would be nice to be in better overall shape.

So, to that end I have (once again) decided to try to get more healthy.  Since many of my previous attempts has failed, I am going to use an approach that has worked in other areas of my life.  See… the problem is that my lack of good health can actually be chalked up to a large number of bad habits, and rather than to simply try to cram a new lifestyle on top of or around my current one, I need to identify my bad habits and break them one by one, and to instill new habits one by one.

About a year ago I broke my habit of drinking sodas.  I was literally drinking a half dozen cans of soda a day.  The first step was to cut out caffeine, so I switched from Coke to Sprite.  After I got used to that, I switched to water, and sometimes lemonade (Crystal Light to be exact).  Overall, dropping soda for water caused me to drop about ten pounds, maybe fifteen.

My next step is to add in a new habit.  My goal is to do 100 push-ups a day.  That is in a 24 hour period.  Right now, it takes nearly twelve hours for me to do my 100 push-ups.  I can do 10 at a time easily, and I can do 20 at a time alright, but beyond 20 in a row my arms get tired.  So I do 20 when I can, and 10 when I can’t, and take long rests in between.  My goal is to be able to do the 100 push-ups in a couple or three minutes.

That’s where I am… I’ll post updates as I feel inspired to.


  1. I have been doing push ups everyday for about a year although I must say I don’t always give 100% in the last month I have focused in on my goal of 100 as well I can do 50 in minute 20 sec and 30 after brushing teeth and 30 after my morning afair all total about 15 minutes my best routing has been to get up drop and do as many as possible brush my teeth then do as many as posssible then do my other and drop again then shower although I must say i do about 200 a day most days and I work out 3 days a week beyond this and do cardio 2 days a week
    good luck

  2. I tried doing 100 push ups in five minutes this morning, Definetly different than my regular routing I only accomplished 80 and it took me 5min to do the next 40 so Now I have a new routine inside of my other routines. but I did run first and I hadn’t eaten so I may have been worn

  3. I can do my 100 in about 45 minutes now, which is much improved over my original 16 hours… I definitely feel better these days.

  4. I did a burn out today for a solid hour I did as many as I could. I did 240 with in about 45 mins the last 40 were hell 11, 7,5,5,4,3,3,2 and I could not do another even after 15 min. took me most of the day to get my noodles back solid

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