Real Issues with Real ID

Lots of people are in a huff over Blizzard’s new Real ID.

I won’t go into it very much, but let me just drop this on you… None of the “good” parts of Real ID, the cross server chat, cross game chat, seeing people’s alts, and so on, required the use of real names and an “all or nothing” design.  Why aren’t some of these features part of World of Warcraft’s existing friend list design?  Why does it have to be ALL of my characters on ALL of my servers?  Do I have to get a second account now if I want some “alone time”?

I hope things continue to change, because right now all I am seeing is a feature I’d never use for more than maybe one or two people in the whole world.


  1. Not to mention there is not effective way to turn off the friends icon that is now attached to your chat window. I’ve tried using a mod that turns it invisible, but you can’t move your chat window closer to the side because of it. You also, can’t make your chat windows smaller than they use to be before the patch. I have three chat windows that I have layered throughout my interface but now they just seem huge compared to before.

    I just wish that if Blizzard does something like this that people don’t like that they leave an effective way of TURNING IT OFF if people don’t want it. Hey, if I wanted to chat with someone on Darkspear, I’d be logged into Darkspear. I don’t need to chat with people on other servers or in other Blizzard games. I have other programs for that, which do a better job and are less intrusive to my WoW experience.

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. Aye, I see little good in this RealID thing. If anything, it pushes me to be less friendly so I can stay totally under the radar.

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