Card Wars: The Phantom Balance

Travelling through the stars can truly be a joy. Excitement. Adventure. Romance.

But imagine this…

“Working for the Senate, your negotiations with the Trade Federation have failed.”

attack.jpg (12992 bytes)

“Naboo is under attack.”


“You have helped the queen to escape, but lost your hyperdrive along the way.”

queen.jpg (10268 bytes)


scum.jpg (18041 bytes)

“Now you’re stuck on a small desert planet on the Outer Rim with some of the worst scum of the universe,”


“and you may not know it yet, but the trouble is just beginning.”

sith.jpg (13795 bytes)

desert.jpg (10087 bytes)

“If you go to Tatooine, make sure you bring some sunscreen,”


“your lightsaber,”

lightsaber.jpg (10022 bytes)


visacards.gif (3754 bytes)

“and don’t forget your VISA card.”


“Because at Watto’s Junkyard,”

watto.jpg (10205 bytes)

“Jedi mind tricks don’t work, and they DON’T take Republic Credits!”
mindtrick.jpg (25493 bytes)

“VISA – It’s everywhere you want to be!”
visalogo.gif (3320 bytes)

-9 Jun 2003

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