The Job Hunt Continues…

Yeah, I know I have a job, but when your job sucks you look for another.

The most annoying thing about looking for a job in an “economic downturn” isn’t the general lack of jobs, it when you get all excited because there are 5 jobs posted in a single day that you can apply for, but as you look more closely at the job position descriptions it dawns on you that what you are really looking at is 5 contract/staffing companies all trying to fill 1 position.

Slurp my butt.

You think the least they can do is just post the damn company name, or all of them cut and paste the exact same description so that I don’t have to fire up the Crays down in the Batcave and hack the federal government applying all of my best detective skills to determine that its a big waste of time to send out 5 resumes, especially when they are all offering different hourly rates for the same job.

It should be illegal for a company to use more than one contract agency for a single position. Either that or it should be illegal for two agencies to use the same website to post the same job.

Just as an example… here is one, two, and three postings for a single job. I know, because I called and talked to each of these agencies. Its. The. Same. Job.


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