Poison in Concert

I am a giant 80’s music whore. So it should be no surprise at all that I went to the Poison/Cinderella show last night, and it was awesome.

I have seen Poison in concert three or four times now, and they put on a great show every time. They take the stage, play all the hits you love, and thank you for being fans. This being the 20th Anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’, there was more thanking than usual.

Cinderella gave a similar performance, taking the stage and laying out the hits.

I still think its surprising that these guys still put on such a great show. Twenty years of Rock and Roll and these bands seem genuinely grateful that people still come out to see them, unlike some newer bands I’ve seen. Poison is a band that I will go see in concert again and again.


  1. Heh… well, it actually look staged from the lawn. It was a big green (you know, Poison neon green), and there was a big wind up and either he was aiming at Brett or he let go way too early for a throw-and-catch. Brett didn’t really seem hurt. He walked around with a little limp, but then they played another song or two. The fact that security hit the stage really really fast is suspect… do bands really keep security to break up fights amongst themselves?

    It was a good show. You should have gone. 🙂

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