2006: Day 4 – On The Turning Away

Every year, the 4th day of Dragon*Con is a little sad. Not just because its the last day, but also because something always forces me to leave early. So there isn’t much to say about day 4, I woke up, I packed, and then I went to the Exhibition and Dealer rooms one more time. 10 AM on Monday is such a peaceful time to browse. In the words of Verbal Kint, “And poof. Just like that [it’s] gone.”

So, here’s looking toward next year, and hopefully checking in on Thursday and checking out on Tuesday.

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  1. Well, I did misread “Stay Classy,” but I haven’t changed my mind. Your proposed system of combat/healing/whatever schools is still somewhat too rigid for my libertarian tastes =p. Reason being, (as with AA systems) with a hard illogical limit on skill training, a select few schools will be overused. With no hard cap, players feel that they can start training just about anywhere with the assurance that they can change their mind or just train a particular skill later.

    On a completely unrelated note, I recognized the rocky slope and hut in your Random Photo. I have a picture from the same angle, same lighting, etc. of the exact same spot! I loved Cozumel. Tikal (next country over) was even better, though.

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