Avast! Yarrr! Yes, it is once again Talk Like A Pirate Day. And yes, I have installed the annoying Pirate Speech plugin for WordPress, so suffer!

I’ve already managed to make it through one meeting this morning saying things like “Aye” and using as much pirate speech as I can, but luckily there aren’t many meetings scheduled today.

So, enjoy the day, talk like a pirate, and have fun.

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  1. HaHA! Hearty, dese lubbers of land know what der be missin’. Arrr. I bin usin’ dis swabbie speech from the sunrise o’er dem der brine till sunset o’er dem der same brine and it be causin’ a stir among dem lubbers. Just twixt you, me, and Jolly Roger, me think they be a bit wantin’ fer brains, if’n ye know what I mean.

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