Movie Round-Up: April 24th, 2009


This is the only movie opening this week that I have seen, and I wish I hadn’t.  I’d seen the trailer and I was actually interested in seeing this one, but it just didn’t live up.  Every actor in this film, without exception, has given better performances.  With the exception of one scene this movie lacked emotion, and never made me care about any of the characters.  Largely this is because they did so little to make me want to care.  Why is this kid from Alabama in New York? Don’t worry, they don’t tell you.  Why is there animosity between the street hustlers?  Don’t worry, they don’t tell you.  Most of the movie just feels random and messy and filled with bad dialogue.  The fight scenes are fairly well done those, so kudos to the fight choreographer, but just not worth the money to see in the theater.


In my opinion, Beyonce is a horrible actress.  She makes every movie she is in worse by simply being in it.  The wife and I have been having fun trying to guess what the twist in this film is going to be.  I will, however, wait until I can watch it for free or something.  I will not encourage Beyonce to continue acting.

The Soloist:

I think Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor.  I’ve never been very interested in Jamie Foxx.  So I’m torn.  Being a drama though, and one that might likely make me shed man-tears (the rarest and sweetest kind), I just don’t have much desire to see this on the big screen.  But it will definitely make it into the rental queue on Netflix.

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