Movie Round-Up: July 10th, 2009


Did you like Borat?  If so, you’ll probably like Bruno.  Personally, I can’t stand Sacha Baron Cohen.  To me, he’s one of those people who has really funny ideas, but then his execution of them is too long, to the point of become uncomfortable and losing its appeal.  Perhaps that is his intent.  In an event, I won’t be going to see it.  I can only hope that this movie doesn’t produce as many quotes as Borat.

I Love You, Beth Cooper:

Beth Cooper is the head cheerleader.  Denis Cooverman is the invisible nerd who has alphabetically sat behind her in many classes for many years.  And he decides that since he spent all his life not talking to Beth Cooper, that his valedictorian speech at graduation is his last chance to do it.  He also uses the speech as a platform to air a number of other unsaid grievances from his high school days, and the rest of the movie follows the consequences.  Beth and her two best friends show up at Denis’s party (which is just Denis and his best friend Rich), Beth’s military school high strung boy friend shows up, and Beth and Denis and their friends run off together.  Really, there are no surprises here.  Denis is the sort of guy for whom high school sucked and the end of it is the beginning of his life, and Beth is the sort of girl for whom high school rocked and the end of it is leaving her with nothing.  Throughout the night, Beth becomes real for Denis and he has to ease up on the dream image he has built up over the years, and Beth comes to see herself through his eyes and that maybe life after high school won’t be so bad anyway.  The movie is full of crazy happenings and funny moments, and I enjoyed myself all the way through.  Perhaps I Love You, Beth Cooper isn’t worth a full price ticket, but its definitely worth a matinee.

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