Here We Remain & What We Become

After the devastation of volume 8 of The Walking Dead, I wondered where exactly the story would turn.  Here We Remain answers that as we follow Rick and his son on their own.  Of course, they don’t stay that way for long, and it turns out that not all of our old friends are dead.  But Rick still lost his wife and baby, and after all he’s been through it isn’t surprising that he might finally be going a little nuts.  We also meet some new people here, one of whom is a scientist who thinks he might be able to do something about all the damn zombies.

What We Become takes our group on the road to Washington D.C. where the new scientist friend says he needs to go.  Everyone is a little more frazzled and rattled having left the prison, left the ranch, and hit the road with many of them riding in the back of a truck.

Hands down, The Walking Dead is the best set of zombie stories I’ve ever read.  I continue looking forward to more.

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