Dead State

Dead StateI’m really psyched about the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2 because Dead Rising was one of my favorite games.  However, now I hear about Dead State.  Check out this article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and then come back.  I’ll wait.

It is as if someone took a peak inside my brain and designed the game I’ve been looking for.  Obviously, I love zombies.  Not in the “I want to be a zombie” sort of way, but in an “I’m pretty sure I could survive a zombie uprising, and I also think it makes a great setting for stories” sort of way.  Frankly, I just don’t get the people in the former group at all.  But if every promise of Dead State comes true, they are talking about making a game with no defined goals, no boss to beat, no final cut scene that leads to the inevitable sequel.  You run a local shelter during a disaster and you have to go about finding supplied and food and other people.  Based on how you choose to do those things will determine if the people you run into will like you or not, creating your enemies and obstacles through your decisions.

With a release date of “Not in 2010” we’ve got a long wait ahead of us…


  1. That game sounds pretty cool. I am finding myself more and more interested in Zombies. I have just updated my Gamefly Que to include left 4 dead 2 and I need to add Dead Rising. Hey speaking of Zombies I just recently saw for the first time Zombieland and I was intertained through out the whole thing. Is there a good Zombie book that I can read.
    Zobies are starting to become cool to me LOL.

    1. World War Z by Max Brooks is excellent, it’s written as a collection of personal accounts collected ten years after the outbreak. Monster Island by David Wellington is also great, really enjoyed that one. Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry is also good, has zombies in it but spend more time on trying to stop the outbreak than post-outbreak. The Rising by Brian Keene, though I’ll warn you, parts of it can be very depressing.

      Those would be what I’d suggest to start, in that order.

  2. I am sooo looking forward to this game! Read about it a week or so ago and just can’t wait! 🙂

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