Movie Round-Up: October 22nd, 2010

Paranormal Hereafter ActivityHereafter: (official site)

For about the last decade, Clint Eastwood has been knocking them out of the park as a director.  Sure, he has some great films from before that too, but the last ten years have just been great.  Matt Damon’s decade hasn’t been too shabby either.  Those two elements had me interested in the film… then I watched the trailer.  A reluctant psychic, a woman with a near death experience and a boy who lost his twin brother.  I’m very interested in how their stories intertwine, what the lynch pin is going to be.  This is a must see film for me.

Paranormal Activity 2: (official site)

I saw the original with absolutely no knowledge of the film going in, and that was probably the best way to see it.  If you know too much about it, most of the film is ruined.  It is a slow burning build up with a few tense or eerie moments building to a chaotic and partly ambiguous end.  You have to be willing to get swept into the story.  So with that experience in mind, I had avoided all mention of this film.  I wanted to see it with no expectations.  And I did… and it was good.  Once again, if you are interested in this movie, don’t watch the trailer, don’t read any reviews that actually talk about the film, just go see it.  See it and just let go, relax and watch the movie unfold.  Had I not seen it for free, and having enjoyed the first one so much, I’d easily have paid full price for this.  And I might, since the wife was sick and couldn’t go to the screening.

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