A Week of Tweets on 2011-05-22

  • Monday… we meet again. #
  • … putting limes in coconuts… #
  • Canceled 2 days ago, I already have a 7 day free trial "Come back to WoW! We miss you!" email in my inbox. Strike when the iron is cold! #
  • Recommend me a javascript framework to learn. jQuery? Dojo? something else? #
  • Life is like a box of chocolates… delicious and finished too soon. #
  • Phone companies that lie to their customers make my job harder. #
  • The Xbox suspension/banning forum is pure comedy gold thanks to the snarky staff. http://j.mp/jyoZCD #
  • @krystman Juliet tends to be the most snarky. #
  • From this day on, our Slim Jims will snap just a little bit more quietly. Rest is peace, Randy. #
  • What the… Boondock Saints 2 is horrible! #

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