Doodlers, unite!

It’s been a while since I posted a TED video, but then I haven’t seen one lately that really spoke to me.  Until this.

 And to go with it, here is what I doodled while watching the TED talk on doodling.

A crowd of things.
A big guy, a weird chicken guy, and a robot.


  1. I’m always doodling. My wife has noted it on more than one occasion. I almost always have a sketchbook and a few pens with me. It’s one of the ways I focus and capture stray thoughts that might be useful, whether thoughts in words or thoughts of shape.

    It might be thought of as an occupational hazard of being an artist, but I’ve done this since I was little, and I may well have wound up an astrophysicist if a few little things in life had changed, and I’m confident that I’d still be doodling in that position as well.

    Great talk, thanks for sharing!

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