They’re Coming to Get You…

Zombies have been popular for a while now, to the point that some people are over them entirely. Not me though. I can’t get enough. And as long as they keep putting out Dead Risings, Left 4 Deads, Dead Islands and similar games, I’ll be a very happy camper. Which is why the following games, either already out or coming out soon(tm) make me very happy…


One of the first things I wanted to do in Minecraft, way back in the alpha/beta phases, once survival mode was introduced, was to turn off everything but zombies. It could be done, but you had to jump through a lot of hoops. Now someone has made a server-side mod, MineZ, that allows lots of people (up to 100 per server) to play in a block laden pixel art style world of the zombie apocalypse. I haven’t had time to play it myself, but I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos and I’ll be carving out some time in the near future to go check it out.

If you want a little more info beyond the game’s own site, check out this article at RPS or the official sub-reddit.


If shooters are more your thing, and you happen to own ARMA II and it’s expansion Operation Arrowhead (you can buy them both in a 2-pack from Steam for $30 – or cheaper if you wait for a sale), you can get the free mod DayZ which lets you play in a world overrun with zombies. I’ve heard it described as being a little harsh – but then, that’s what I would expect a zombie apocalypse to be like. Although, I imagine most of the people who are dicks in the game would be crying and pissing themselves if it were real. The Internet makes cowards into cock-sure braggarts.

I haven’t played it myself, because I don’t have ARMA II. But it was recently announced that DayZ will be developed into a stand alone game, so I’ll probably wait for that so I don’t have to buy the game twice.

The War Z

Last but not least, The War Z, a game calling itself an MMO and promising 250 players per map, no levels, a hardcore mode with permadeath and a normal mode where dying locks you out of the character for a period (not set, but currently intended to be 24 to 48 hours – and since you can have up to 5 characters, being locked out doesn’t mean you have to stop playing). You can read more about it over at IGN. This one doesn’t have a nifty trailer for me to show you, but their site has images. I suspect I’ll have to upgrade my PC before I can play this – my five year old Dell just isn’t going to cut it for much longer.

Of course, I’m also still eagerly awaiting the MMO from Undead Labs because it’ll be on the Xbox 360, and I won’t need to upgrade that.

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