I will choose free will.

Again on the topic of religion…

I believe in the concept of free will, that as a human being, I am destined for nothing. I am, in part, the sum of my experiences, but every step that I take forward (or backward or left or right) is my own to choose.

When it comes to God, many people believe him to be omniscient, all knowing. However, this doesn’t jive with free will. If God knows what you are going to do, then its in his plan, and your will is not free. If you change your mind, God knew you were going to change your mind, and planned for it.

I believe that God WAS omniscient. In giving humans free will, however, he flawed himself in that he no longer knows what humans will do. That was the price.

Free will, when you boil it down from that perspective is simply the ability to defy God’s will. And if you believe in the Great Flood, then you believe that humans abused free will, defied God and he wiped them out.

This, to me, is where Jesus comes in. God has this gaping hole in his knowledge, humans defy him and he doesn’t understand why. So he has a son, Jesus, who is mortal, and hence has free will. Of course, he’s also divine, so he’s less likely to defy God and do whatever he wants. Jesus walks the earth, doing good deeds and stuff, like that guy from Kung Fu. Some people don’t like him and what he says, so they decide to kill him. This is when Jesus finally understands free will. Sometimes, people defy God out of spite or because they are evil. However, there are times where people defy God out of ignorance, a failure to understand God’s will. Humans learn by making mistakes and understanding their failure. Humans are NOT all knowing, they can’t see the mistake before it happens, only after. Jesus asks God to spare us, to forgive us, because we are ignorant.

Jesus is a teacher. Divinely born of God and woman, yes, but a man, mortal and understanding of our will, free will. Through him, we can learn to not be ignorant, and hopefully defy God’s will as little as possible.

That’s it, in a nutshell.

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