A Week of Tweets on 2011-01-02

  • Lights out. Work tomorrow. Time for sleep. And rest. And sleep. And dreams. Sleep well, my friends. Sleep well and dream better. #
  • Distraction. #
  • I cannot seem to get warm. #
  • By the way… Creationary is da bomb, yo! #
  • I want to run. I want to hide. I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside. #
  • @GameCouch I am astounded by the number of skills on that list that I possess. in reply to GameCouch #
  • How obsolete are you? http://obsoleteskills.com/skills/skills #
  • I'm pretty sure that Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Berries has no nutritional value at all, but it's still tasty! #
  • Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I still have no plans… #
  • Starting off the new year with Steak 'n Shake. #
  • One down. Three hundred sixty four to go. #

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