A Week of Tweets on 2011-01-09

  • @GameCouch I've got the black and white one, but I enjoyed that comic so much that I'll buy this too. in reply to GameCouch #
  • 6 months to Peachtree Road Race… let the training begin… #
  • Every time I consider signing back up to WoW, I remember that my friends are spread out on a dozen servers and I decide not to. #
  • @etcet It's a 10k. Ran it last year in an hour and 41. Want to beat it this year. in reply to etcet #
  • @Critus That's never been an issue for me… I just want friends to play with, and I hate having to choose which friends. in reply to Critus #
  • @Krystalle @Critus If I lived in FL and had season passes I'd be at Disney nearly every weekend. Even just to hang out and people watch. in reply to Krystalle #
  • Survey time: If you play World of Warcraft, on what server(s) do you play? #
  • I would never use the word 'za' in my life… except in scrabble where I seem to use it nearly every single game. #
  • If you have left 4GB of files on my computer, you have not "Successfully Uninstalled!" #
  • @Shakefire I'd be interested. in reply to Shakefire #
  • To those of you who were in the betas, can Rift be played ignoring quests? #
  • Computer has a virus. Tools that can find it can't remove it, tools that can remove it can't find it. Frustrating. #
  • @credocomputers I know I have the Vundo Trojan, but nothing seems to be able to remove it. in reply to credocomputers #
  • Vundo H, I hate you. #
  • Went to funeral. Refrained from checking in on foursquare. #goodidea #
  • Time is all the luck you need. #

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